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IT Support

Redefine your IT support expectations

You can’t wait for services to go down for us to react, waiting for services to fail costs you time, money and causes stress. It’s this old “break fix” IT support mentality that benefits no one. Here at One Hundred Proof we believe in proactive, valid and continuous monitoring and resolutions of problems before they impact you. It’s no good waiting for your server to run out of space before we react, or let your servers health degrade over time as you haven’t got a “health check” booked for a month.

It’s time to demand more.

Here’s why are we different

We don’t report to you on how many tickets you’ve opened or we’ve closed, we report to you on UP TIME. There is zero point in us closing 100 tickets each month, this means you’re having 100 problems each month. We grow by preventing problems from happening, this is why we don’t have a 10 man help desk. We simply do not need one.

We chose to think smarter, not work harder and we all benefit.

It’s for this reason before we take on an IT support contract we spend a few days with you to see if your network, services and expectations can actually help us achieve the levels of service you demand. We sit with you, listen and then plan. Sometimes there is a requirement to upgrade hardware to achieve the uptime and sometimes there isn’t the ability to do this. So in consolation with you we work out a plan, a plan with your needs in mind and not ours.

Whatever you’re running, we have you covered

Were a team of individuals with some fantastic specialist areas. For this reason if you have a problem we get the person you need on the case. We aren’t looking to patch the problem, we’re looking to resolve the problem once and for all. This is why we’ve all gained specialisations. This isn’t “general support” this is “targeted fix”.



24×7 Server Monitoring & Support

Day or night you need your core services
monitored & running


Tested & Deployed Windows Updates

Rapid tested Windows update deployment.
No need to be at risk if, we patch ASAP and
not when it suits us.